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HEF’s Response To Last Minute Alarmism By Fringe Hinduphobic Group ‘South Asian Histories For All’

A fringe hinduphobic group named ‘South Asian Histories For All’ (SAHFA) tried to derail the textbook adoption process by writing a last-minute alarmist letter to the California’s State Board of Education alleging among other things that the framework was not being followed and that histories of Dalits, Sikhs and Muslims were being erased. Incredibly the […]

HEF supports the recommendations by 39 top academics to correct California textbooks

Hindu Education Foundation USA (HEF) sent supports the recommendations of an academic coalition led Prof. Jeffery Long Professor Jeffery Long, Ph.D and 38 top academics of Social Sciences and Religion from universities across America. We sent our support letter to the Department of Education. Here are the letters by academics. Academic Submission_HSS Textbook Adoption_9.25.17 Final Academic […]

California Commission Suggests Corrections To Textbook Drafts After Complaints Of Bias Against Hindus

Sacramento, California (Sep 29, 2017) – The California Department of Education (CDE) took important steps yesterday to suggest corrections to drafts submitted by publishers for the state’s History-Social Science textbook adoption, and rejected content from two publishers. The move came after the Hindu American, LGBTQ, and African American communities raised serious concerns about the biased […]

Demeaning Portrayal Of India In Proposed California Textbooks Causes Uproar

  A picture from Ancient India section of Discovery Education History Social Science  textbook draft Sacramento, California., May 18, 2017. Indian-American students and parents from across the state gathered at the California Department of Education (CDE) to oppose negative portrayal of Hinduism and India in proposed school textbooks. At the public hearing conducted by the […]

HEF condemns Hinduphobic attacks on Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Hindu Education Foundation USA (HEF) expresses serious concern over the attacks on Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard targeting her Hindu faith. Angela Kaaihue, the GOP challenger to Tulsi Gabbard for the Congressional district of Hawaii, had, in statements issued last week, said that Gabbard, who is the first Hindu member of  Congress and another former Congresswoman who […]

California’s new school textbook framework to have richer content on India and Hinduism

The California’s State Board of Education (SBE) today voted to adopt a new framework for its history and social science school textbooks that would have richer content on ancient India and Hinduism. The framework that was developed over a period of last two years went through several rounds of public hearings and saw many controversies including the push […]

‘India’ Restored in California Textbooks

In a significant move, California Department of Education’s (CDE) Instructional Quality Commission (IQC),  has restored the mention of ‘India’ in the new Framework for History Social Science textbooks in California. Earlier this year, the Commission had proposed to replace instances of ‘India’ by “South Asia” in its school textbooks at the behest of an academic […]