IQC requested that we resubmit the edits based on the new changes. We submitted our fresh edits today to the CDE. Here is the cover letter.

Dear Members,

After reviewing the latest draft of the framework, we, on behalf of the Hindu Education Foundation (HEF), would like to submit a few edits and reiterate the relevance of our previous comments which we are submitting as requested by the commission in the November 19th meeting.

We appreciate the commission’s efforts to maintain quality historical education and ensure that students gain an accurate appreciation for different societies. however, we are disappointed that changes on many fronts in the Hinduism and ancient India sections have been piecemeal at best.

While our edits below detail our suggestions for achieving a fair and accurate portrayal of Hindu heritage, we would specifically like to highlight four main concerns.

1) At the hearing on November 19th, Commission co­chair Mr. Bill Honig specifically mentioned that the next draft of the framework would include the contributions of women in Hinduism and ancient India and also that it would present it on par with other societies especially with respect to the usage of the word ‘patriarchy’ which is not used for any other religious heritage except Hindus. We are yet to see these changes. We request you to consider our edit for line number 895 (Edit 17) on Rishikas (the ancient women sages and composers of sacred texts).

2) Secondly, the draft has obscured many of Hinduism’s principal teachings in difficult wordings. This includes confusing interpretation of “Dharma” and “Karma.” We have suggested a simple alternative in Edit 12 that accurately describes these teachings based on the purusharthas ‘Dharma­Artha­Kama­Moksha’. 1 of 23

3) We request the addition of contribution of Hindus to political and economic thought along with the Scientific contributions, by inclusion of instances such as the Arthashastra, the ancient Indian text on statecraft. We have summarized/laid out all of the edits along with scholarly references and urge you to consider these edits in the revised framework.

Read the edits here