Hindu Education Foundation (HEF) raises serious concerns over attempts by a group of academics calling themselves ‘South Asia Faculty Group’ to insert large number of last minute edits to California History Social Science Textbooks which reflect adversely on India and Hinduism.

The process of adopting the Framework has gone on for the last more than two years and a lot of progress had been done in correcting stereotypes about the Hindu American community. The Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) had accepted scholarly edits from many scholars and the community to put the portrayal of Hinduism on par with other traditions.

But a letter written by a few academics had made suggestions to the department on February 26th just before the closing of the 60 day public comment period. The suggestions include (but are not limited to) replacement of most mentions of India before 1947 to “South Asia”, delinking Vedas from Hinduism and removal of mention that Vyasa and Valmiki belong to non-Brahmin communities.  We believe that such sweeping changes being inserted at the last moment without giving time for proper discussion raises serious concerns on the transparency of the whole process. It also violates the State’s laws and guidelines that prevent adverse reflection on any heritage. A detailed communique on this issue will be posted shortly.

We question the move to insert a large number of adverse edits on India and Hinduism at the last minute at the instance of a few Leftist scholars .